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Causes of male infertility

Posted May 18 2010 4:13am
The following factors cause male infertility.

A.  Poor quality of semen:
The semen which contains
1. Less number of sperms.
2. Sperms with poor motility ,
3. sperms with abnormal morphology    cause infertility in men.

B. Structural abnormalities like retrograde ejaculation, blockage in testes, tubes, or other reproductive structures can have an intense effect on fertility.

C. Hormonal imbalances can interfere with sperm production and can become a cause for infertility in men.

D. Genetic disorders also affect fertility of men.

E. Sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, smoking etc can also cause infertility in men.

Texts of ayurveda explain various causes for male infertility and recommend very effective therapies like Vajikarana therapy to increase sperm count, sperm motility and quality and quantity of semen.
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