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causes of burning sensation in my testis

Posted by Emmanuel O. Facebook

my right testis is smaller and always pains me. whenever i torch  a particular vein near the testicular region the pain will increase
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Most of us are not absolutely symmetric such that the right side is exactly equal to the left side.  This is most obvious in our arms, especially for those of us who are not ambidextrous.  Less obvious is the appearance of our face whereby the right is not a mirror image of the left.  Even less obvious is the inequality of typical testicuuar size.  However, in extreme situations due to infection and/or trauma, there may be a signficant difference as a result.

With that said, once the trauma and/or infection is resolved, the testis itself should no longer be painful.  The fact that your testis is painful to touch suggests that you need to be evaluated by a urologist looking for infection or torsion (depending upon the duration of the pain).  

Good luck! 

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