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Carbohydrate Week Summarized

Posted Jan 24 2009 4:31pm

carbweek summ

So now you should know the basics of carbohydrates and how they work to provide your body with energy. Lets do a quick run-down of what we have learned.

  • Carbs are not a dietary necessity but provide a means of energy for the human body.
  • Slow digesting or complex carbohydrates come from natural food sources and are more essential for sustained energy.
  • Fast digesting or simple carbohydrates spike insulin levels and often get stored as fat for energy. Simple carbohydrates are made from man made processed foods such as refined sugars and flour based products.
  • Knowing how carbohydrates work in the body is essential for weight control and muscle maintenance.

Like so many other fitness and nutrition subjects, it’s important to know the right things and to not get confused by the many things you may hear from other people. Seek the facts and try not to listen to the rumors and half truths floating around.

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