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Carb Week: Understanding Carbohydrates In Dietary And Fitness Needs

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:42pm


This week is going to be another productive week here at Health And Men. There is often debate about carbohydrates when it comes to dieting. The Atkins Diet confused a lot of people. Most only heard of the diet and didn’t know anything about it. They heard how to “ do ” the Atkins diet through a friend who heard it from a friend…who heard it from a friend. Very few actually read the Atkins Diet series that he started and even fewer fully understood the scientific concept of it all. Most assumed that in order to be successful with this diet was to cut carbohydrates totally from the diet and eat protein rich and fatty foods. This was not the case at all and the system and formula was far more complicated than most were prepared to research the theory of, and execute the proper steps to make the Atkins Diet effective for them.

The factors of each person making a diet successful is much deeper than simply cutting one thing from his or her diet. It takes a series and combination of many factors to make a persons attempt at significant weight loss both healthy and effective. When I say effective I mean keeping the weight off and continuing on a healthy path.

This week isn’t going to focus on dieting or weight loss in general. This week I will explain the function of carbohydrates in the human body. I will explain the the differences between slow and fast digesting carbohydrates as well as how they fit in to dieting and fitness. We’ll get to the bottom of the “mystery” of carbohydrates and attempt to put myths to rest and find the facts.

  • Monday: What exactly are carbohydrates?
  • Tuesday: Slow Digesting Carbohydrates.
  • Wednesday: Fast Digesting Carbohydrates.
  • Thursday: Carbohydrate and Diet Myths.
  • Friday: Carbohydrates And Fitness.
  • Saturday: Carb Week Summary.

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