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Caravaning Camping – A little stress-relief never hurts anyone…

Posted Dec 09 2011 8:11am

I'm in love with the open road. It gives me that feeling of being free rather than stagnating in one place. Probably this is the feeling that people felt before civilization and the idea of settlements actually came into being.

I know this because we stayed up all night on a trip, taking front row seats, for a 12-hour journey, and made the most of it from eight in the evening to about ten in the morning.

We then rested for an hour and then took a train to our destination only to find that we needed to take another taxi to finally reach where we wanted to go.

It was, busy, for the lack of a better word… and actually relieved stress rather than increasing it, thanks to the proverbial daily grind.

While this was not necessarily a good example of camping, just the very idea of travel made me feel like a 'free spirit', so you can imagine how these adventurous folk of yore might have lived their lives camping as they moved from location to location.

And it's no different from what we might experience today if we take off on a camping trip these days…

A Short Note on Camping

Since camping is all about the great outdoors while immersing yourself in nature, perhaps the best benefit that one can obtain from such as activity is that it is ideal for stress relief.

Whether it's a group of friends or family that you are camping with or even for open air events such as music festivals or sports meets, it can be inexpensive and a lot of fun as well.

Other places where you could consider camping are national parks, public or private natural areas that are ideal for people to set up shop, if you will.

Camping involves the use of a caravan, tent, a cabin or for the radical campers, no shelter at all. To say the least, this is probably one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to have fun over the weekend rather than what you might be used to in the city.

However, this doesn't have to take a toll on your health, as there are a few things that you should carry with you if you want to make life easy for yourself out there – survivalists, please ignore the section!

Caravaning Camping Essentials – What you need

#1: Right off the bat, instead of carrying junk food for the journey, carry some healthy snacks with you. Fruit s as well as foods such as Trail Mix are ideal for such a trip.

#2: The idea of such a camping trip is not to sit around doing nothing but to involve yourself in lots of activity. Canoeing, rowing and long hikes are good ideas to make the most of the environment while carrying a simple frisbee or a football to play when you out there is also a fun way to stay fit when on the road. Try climbing trees if you can!

#3: Avoid excess alcohol

Of course, if you are out on a camping caravaning trip, alcohol is a part of the 'good times'. However, it's going to be difficult to stop drinking as the night progresses. Ensure that you limit your alcohol intake to about 3 to 4 beers.

#4: Avoid foods such as hot dogs and burgers while opting for foods such as pasta and so on and so forth. Carrying fresh veggies in a refrigerated box might also be a good idea.

In Closing

The beauty of one of these trips is not only do you get to enjoy yourself (read as: no stress) but also stay fit with a lot of activity. Yes, and that feeling that nomads had the privilege of enjoying several eons ago…

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