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can cough induced syncope be caused by head injury

Posted by diver steve

i had a pretty heavy head injury at work involving a crain dropping a 1900lbs of steel which through me in the air resulting with a shatered left ancle and 14 staples in the back of my head i was in and out of concesnes and in intensive care for a day this was over two years ago and have ever sence been getting very bad head acks and lose of vision all most every time i cough hard ever sence

workmans comp. is trying to say it is not due to the head trama but the first time i have ever had one of these episodes was in the intinsive care ware and they are getting worse i have been diagnost with a caugh indused syncope


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My husband had cough syncope and he passed out approx. 7-10 times per day for 7 months or more with no doctors knowing exactly what to do.  HERE IS OUR FORTUNATE REMEDY WHICH WORKED FOR HIM.  At Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California there is an after hours meeting which is held by Dr. Jim Barnett, an affiliate of a pulmonary group near the hospital itself.  He hold meetings with patients having breathing problems caused by various reasons such as heart attack, cancer, cough syncope, et al.  He taught my husband to purse his lips and breath much more slowly on his outgoing breathing.  My husband's cough syncope episodes virtually stopped when he learned how to do this.  He often would come right to the edge of an episode, but not really go into the pass out stage.  I could find very little to help me on-line and I was desparate for answers as I was fearful of my husband hurting himself as he would appear to be okay but when he coughed he would go into a type of comma where he would be looking back at me and "seemed" okay but then would pass out.  I discovered that when he was looking back at me often he had gone into a comma with his eyes open and then would pass out quickly after his coughing spells.  I also learned that children can laugh and have pass out syncope spells.  I think this treatment might also work to help them.  I truly hope this answer will help many searching for help out here. 
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