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Can a leg cramp (charlie horse) cause bruising?

Posted by KR

I had a very painful charlie horse in my upper left leg during the night.  A couple of days later I noticed a very large unexplained bruise in that area.  Could the cramp cause the bruise?
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My sis is having a similar problem. Would greatly appreciate any ideas on causes.
I have been experiencing a muscle cramp/spasm, then a burning pain, a knot swells up and immediately a bruise around it. Usually in the calf or thigh, but sometimes in arms and hands as well! Is very painful and kinda scarey. I wish I knew!
Well, I think a cramp can cause bruising because I had a really bad cramp the other morning and now I have a giant red bruise covering my whole right inner thigh exactly where the cramp was.  I exercise regularly and am is decent shape for a 55 yr old.  No over exertion or trauma just a night cramp.

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