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Buy Dumbbells That Are Right For You

Posted Jun 19 2010 5:29am

buy dumbbells

Dumbbells have been giving athletes free-form workouts since time immemorial. It is a miniature version of the barbell, and can be as long as 16 inches depending on the amount of weight it can hold.

When you buy dumbbells, they can be made from different materials such as metal and concrete to suit different purposes.

You would often see adjustable dumbbell types in the gym. These dumbbells are made with a bar that is engraved with a pattern to facilitate better grip.

The ends are made to accommodate several plates of weight that range from 5 to 50 pounds so that the dumbbell will adjust accordingly to your fitness level.

What is good about them is that you can stack up the plates instead of tidying up a whole set of dumbbells that can clutter your workspace.

They are suitable for pros and for those who desire to gain more muscle mass by pushing themselves on by placing extra weights depending on their capabilities.

There are also fixed-weight dumbbells available if you are intimidated with the adjustable type. Unlike adjustable dumbbells, these are made with the plates attached permanently to the handles.

It is best suited for those who are just beginning with weight training as there is no danger of plates falling off if you do not know what you are doing.

They are also perfect for toning muscles if you are recovering from an illness or as prep after a long period of absence in the gym.

The dumbbells can be made out of several materials. There are those made out of cast iron, a very durable material that can last for long periods of time. It is a suitable material for those who are somewhat careless in maintaining their plates as it can take on any beating better than any material.

There are some cast iron dumbbells that are coated with rubber as a protection, just in case you knock someone with it accidentally during workout.

Other dumbbells are created with concrete that is covered with rigid plastic. Although it does not sound as good as the cast iron dumbbell, it is cheaper in comparison but works just as well.

There are plenty of uses for the dumbbell. It can be used for resistance training, toning muscles, as well as for aerobics for faster burning of fat.

Be sure to buy dumbbells that suit your needs and always follow safety guidelines when working out with dumbbells.

Authored by Stephanie Hill from the Extreme Home Workouts . To get ahold of Shaun T's Newest workout click .

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