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burning sensations on index fingertip

Posted by Billy

My right endex finger tip feels like it had been burned, its not painfull, just feels hot. Sometimes it is even warmer then the rest of the finger and hand. I have had this for about a week. It verys at times but the feeling never goes away.

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Well I understand that could be so, but when they have no answer I am looking for direction. So an answer like this is not very helpfull. I am looking for what some not all of possiable causes. I feel like I am asking some about why my car wont start. They tell me call a mechanic. not much help are they.  How about well do you have Gas, dose it turn over. e.g. Some kind of guidance other then Go to the Doctor would be helpfull. So this tells me this site is not much help. Thanks.
Have you been cutting any hot peppers? I had the same thing happen to the index finger on my left hand and couldn't figure it out until I realized I had been cutting a hot pepper earlier that day. The burning feeling didn't start until hours after cutting the pepper though and lasted for a few days. I've noticed the same thing happens every time I cut any hot peppers. That explains why it only happens on my left hand, since I'm right handed and hold the pepper with my left while cutting with my right. I hope that's what's happening with you and that it's nothing serious. :-)
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