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Burning Sensation in Penis and Testicle post penile implant surgery

Posted by Kalena

My husband had an inflatable penile implant surgery in early January.  The doctor is stating the cause of his constant burning is related to nerves and want to stop the auto deflating with a procedure on the resovoir.  Will this stop the 24/7 burning sensation?  At times it is quite painful.  Thank you.
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It appears your husband may require ongoing intervention and I sincerely suggest he return to his treater as soon as possible. Infection should be ruled out and the significant pain as you describe must be managed as it is not acceptable for such discomfort in modern medicine.



Definitely time to go back & chat w/surgeon who put in the implant.  Also, review your notes, especially any mention of pain and how long to expect before resolution.  Before he submits to more surgery, make sure he's thoroughly evaluated for infection.  Once you're satisfied that he doesn't have an infection (or that it's adequately treated), ask again about what to expect from the 2nd surgery, eg recovery, pain (different vs more), infection rate, complication rate, how many of these procedures he's had to perform, etc.  You'd like to be sure he's not experimenting on your husband.  Good luck!
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