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Bulimia Treatment – Women are from Mars too…

Posted Oct 19 2011 8:38am

I love women with a "real temper". As long as it translates to the bedroom, you know. Ah, what's the word: fiery…

It's always the quiet ones that are a real pain in the you-know-what… with all their skeletons in the closet, and all that jazz. And it doesn't matter if Dr. John Gray thinks that women come from Venus… it's the "Martian" ones that really "get me". Over and over again… quite literally!

Blame me for being an astrobuff… but well, we're entitled to our beliefs, right?

(Although, I'll pass on the ones who can literally pound me into submission!)

And while men have their battles with drugs, alcohol and smoking… it's a "bitch" when people are a bit insensitive to women who are "bulimic". C'mon, get a life, you insensitive prick… and I understand, and you will too, if only you look a little deeper…

Eating Disorders – How could we come up with something as strange as 'bulimia'?

Speaking of "prick", does your girl get on your case when you can't keep it up long enough? Or if you don't have a big one, while you crib whether she has "big tits" or not? Or if you can't be bothered to stay clean or quit smoking ? Or do that annual spring cleaning that you put away just last week?

Umm, cleanliness is next to godliness…with limits, of course.

The truth is that bulimia is just as much of a reality as these undesirable traits (read as: irritating habits), and can go a long way in making a couple's life better than usual. But who cares, right?

And we haven't even got to the fat ones who can't see their "tool" when they're flat, thanks to that 'lard of fat' that would make any movie reviewer wonder if "Species" is really a figment of anyone's imagination.

So much for getting your "head" checked, huh?

And if you can't stop the binge drinking, don't expect your woman to agree with you if you think 'bulimia' is stupid! No "macho" shit here… we're all human! So, the next time you hear a woman obsess, keep that trap shut and empathize sincerely… for more reasons than not! Not unless, you want to go "without it"… for days, even months!

(See, I'm sure that got your attention…)

Wake the "fuck" (pun intended) up, boy.

Bulimia Treatment – Where to find help?

While a majority of the cases that require bulimia help are women, there are some men who experience the same situation (the "astrobuff" business comes in handy), and for both of these folks, here's where you can find bulimia help .

However, it's also helpful to find out whether what you are facing is indeed bulimia and as you will find is a mental disease and as one that shouldn't be laughed at. Bulimia treatment – it's a reality, so get with the program, honestly!

Blame it on peer pressure and all the other factors… but it's time to say, hey girls… we're with you when you obsess about your weight, and love you anyways!

In Closing

But I'll admit that the Martian girls actually get up and do something about it…

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