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Broken Fibula bone

Posted by Legend

Hi all, I'm new to wellsphere and this is my 1st post

 I broke my fibula bone (ankle area) at around age 14, after I went to see the doctor, the doctor ridiculous told me that I didn't need any cast or surgery explaining to me that the fibula bone does not bear any weight..

 So months later, my bone didn't heal properly (malunion?), it sorta grew a second joint there.....went to doctors again and they said it was fine

 but clearly it was not fine, I couldn't play sports like basketball as I used to, my ankle movement seemed limited, and there were pain near the ankle area everytime i put pressure into it

So now 5 years later I'm 19 and I finally decided to go to another country to get surgery (since healthcare is so garbage in Canada), adding hardware inside and applying screws to secure the fibula bone so it can grow properly

Well recently i experienced alot of pain in my ankle area, and after getting it checked up I was told by my family doctor that the screws/hardware went loose, so now I have to wait a few more months to see another doctor


 I just want to know if I can ever make my fibula bone grow back properly even though it has been years since I broke my fibula (Doctors said that my veins near that area are still connected so it can still grow back?) ???

I am really depressed by this, can someone please give me some advice on what I should do, and what seems to be a likely solution to this?


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