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Brew Review: Franziskaner Hefe-Wiesse Dunkel Weiss Beer

Posted Oct 23 2008 5:09pm

franziskaner_weissbier_dunkel It seems that I kind of forgot about this feature this month. Oops. Anyway, the next Brew I have for review is a pleasure to drink. I have never had the pleasure of visiting Germany, but a friend of mine was a German native and went to visit when I lived in NY. He brought me back two bottles of Franziskaner. One was a tall bottle of Hefe Weiss Hell and the other Hefe Weiss Dunkel. Hefeweizen are unfiltered wheat beers with very little hoppiness to them, so there is little or no tart and marsh flavor to them. “Hefe” means yeast and “Weiss” means wheat. Pretty simple.


The Hefeweizen (Hef-ay-vite-zen) I’m reviewing is something that unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of finding in recent years. “Dunkel” means Dark and the Dunkel-Weizen is my favorite. Any hefeweizen has a thick, rich and creamy taste to it. If you poor it in to a glass it will have a huge head and aften wheat sediment in the bottom. The best way to poor it in to a glass is to tilt the glass and poor it ever-so-slowly, as not to stir up to much carbonation. When the bottle is almost empty, with only about 1/4 of the bottle of beer left, gently swirl the beer around and then poor the rest into the glass. This will get that wheat sediment off of the bottom of the bottle and into your glass where it belongs.

The best way to drink a weizen is straight off of the shelf. Not the refrigerator shelf, the store shelf at room temperature. I wish I had a glass of it in front of me to help this review, but I don’t. However, it’s a taste that you don’t soon forget. The dunkel weizen has a nice, warm, nutty flavor to it with a slightly tangy state. An orange or lemon slice is often added to a glass of weizen and compliments the flavor well. Weizens are not a “less filling” beer. They are best drank slowly and enjoyed. Drinking them too fast will quickly put you over the edge and may even make you sleepy.

If you’re ever in a military package store in the states, or a place that serves exotic brews or imports, take advantage of and buy yourself at least one bottle of hefeweizen. To learn more about german beers visit German Beer Guide and to learn more about Franzikaner brand Hefeweizen visit the official home page.

Image Source: (You can even order beers from Europe here!

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