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Brain Lobes: Overview & Functions

Posted Sep 30 2011 8:13am

I don't care much about teen movies. Recently, I came across one that I kind of liked. The entire plot of the movie was based on a mission to survive a lobotomy. Of course, we're talking about Sucker Punch for those of you didn't see the movie…

Your initial impression would be: "Oh, this is bunch of girls pulling a few punches in bringing out their feministic side of theirs"… but it's more than that if you watch it. Trust me, you can expect much more from a Zack Snyder than most people these days would care to admit. Watchmen was a great movie… even though Sucker Punch is a bit annoying with the CGI!

Yet in the real world, a lobotomy (which ironically received a Nobel Prize for medicine) can practically guarantee the fact that this procedure will turn someone into a blithering idiot, and if you can stomach the truth – a literal vegetable, if you will.

And you'll truly understand how important it is to preserve the lobes of the brain when you understand the functions they serve in a human being's life everyday…

Brain Lobes – A Short Description of each Lobe & its Functions

To put it simply, we have 4 brain lobes : frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes, and each of them (as mentioned earlier) serve a particular purpose in our lives.

#1: Frontal Lobe

This lobe is located (as indicated by the title) in front of the brain, and carries out functions such as motor skills, expressive language, higher level cognition and reasoning. Also located at the back of the frontal lobe is the motor cortex which receives information from the other lobes in the brain in order to carry out body movements.

#2: Parietal Lobe

This lobe is located in the center of the brain and is responsible for processing tactile sensory information such as pain, pressure and touch. It's important to note that the somatosensory cortex, which is located in this lobe, processes the body's senses.

#3: Temporal Lobe

This lobe is located directly below the parietal lobe, and which contains the primary auditory cortex used to interpret sounds as well as the various languages that we use in communication. Along with this, the hippocampus is also located on this lobe with its primary function being in the formation of memories.

#4: Occipital Lobe

This lobe is positioned next to the parietal lobe and is responsible for functions such as processing visual stimuli and related information. Located in this lobe is also the primary visual cortex that receives and interprets information from the retinas.

A Note on Injury (Lobotomy etc.) and its effects on the Lobes

In this age of science, there is no doubt that the brain we have is truly amazing, and scientists are still trying to figure out how it works – and strangely what happens when it experiences trauma in terms of an injury, lesions and so on and so forth. (It should also tell us how terrible a procedure such as a lobotomy was…)

Here is an interesting link that gives you the effects of damaging your brain but also gives you more information about what each of these lobes can do.

In Closing

To put it simply, your brain is quite simply the 'boss' of the body , and something that should be protected rather than tampered with. And of course, there are some people for whom a lobotomy is pointless will fail to understand this!

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