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BPA Bottles – Everything You Needed to Know

Posted Nov 06 2013 8:14am

2termz Almost every American was reminded of Nixon’s Watergate when this scandal involving the NSA tapping into both Google and Yahoo networks first surfaced. Of course, while Nixon resigned, Obama doesn’t feel the need to.

While I’m not suggesting that he does, our worst fears have been confirmed, hasn’t it?

A number of people in the tech world have been saying this day would come for ages where people’s digital privacy would be accessed by the government.

And then, Edward Snowden went and did it… much like Julian Assange! Both are now considering to be traitors and criminals and so on and so forth.

Personally, I thought Obama was charismatic until now but with this scandal, I’m mortified that he would do the very thing that all of us would like to keep private.

Think about the people who are guilty of googling, “How to kill your husband or wife” or jerk off to child pornography as sickening as it might seem.

But snooping in on people’s private lives – man, that really sucks. Just like BPA bottles used for drinking water…

Polycarbonate Plastic Bottles – They’re Bad For You

plastic-nonabsorbant We can’t do without plastic bottles. That’s the truth. They’re everywhere. Whether it’s bottled water to keeping ice creams as well as a number of foods, plastic bottles have been around and will be for sometime to come.

Thanks to these bottles being ubiquitous, it’s probably assumed that they are safe to use. And that’s hardly what it is since a recent study on the impact of these BPA bottles on human health showed that with the presence of Bisphenol A in one’s body, this chemical works as an endocrine disruptor while affecting our ability to reproduce and use our brains as effectively as we should.

But that’s not all – obesity, breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neuroblastoma among a slew of neurological diseases are also effects that one might have to deal with if they continue to use these BPA bottles.

There are a couple of studies, based on which, these conclusions have been drawn about the harm of BPA bottles. Here’s an article that covers the research that has been conducted to reach these conclusions.

Of course, companies that use these bottles might find them cheap to produce but the longer one uses one of these bottles, the more harmful it can turn out to be in the process.

So, the next question might be: Are there any alternatives to these BPA bottles ? To which the answer is a “Yes” – the options that we will cover in the next section.

Alternatives to BPA Bottles – A List

For the express purpose of carrying water, a number of companies have brought out products that can serve as alternatives to BPA bottles .

Some of these companies are:

1. EvenFlo
2. Green to Grow
3. Mambaby
4. Klean Kanteen
5. Medela
6. Thermos

In Closing

So, is there anything else that you would like to add about BPA bottles ? If so, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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