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Boating Water Sports – Good Exercise or a Bloopers-fest?

Posted Jul 25 2011 8:15am

A lot of stories have been written about the Internet and why it has become a dominant force these days, and has literally made its way into our lives and built a completely new space for itself.

What it has also done is that it has allowed people to express themselves in ways that wouldn't have been possible, and while this can be inspiring, in and of itself, you have all sorts of people going nuts with their computers and video cameras these days.

With the "fashion police" seriously outnumbered, you can find information in the form of text and videos that range from the somber to the strange to even the bizarre…

And sometimes, watching people make complete a**es of themselves is nothing but pure pleasure… blame it on the sadist in all of us!

Take the countless bloopers videos posted on Youtube (watch the one at this link ) which are vaguely related to water sports or the types the adrenalin junkies are hooked to and can be attributed to television's latest wave of popular programming – reality TV.

But there are others reasons why people dig water sports of the boating variety as it can not only be fun but it will help you to maintain stay fit as well.

An Introduction to Boating Water Sports

There are three types of water sports these days… and will fall into any of the categories such as: in the water, on the water and underwater.

Most Olympics sports such as swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and springboard diving belong to the category of water sports being "in the water". While it takes a lot out of the competitors, it requires one to be extremely fit in order to use these sports as a way to stay fit.

The second type is on the water, and remains the most popular type of water sport amongst the three. Activities such as scuba and free diving, underwater hockey and rugby and rather singularly, underwater photography are some of the sports that are popular amongst people with with varying levels of fitness.

Finally, canoeing, surfing, waterskiing, parasailing, fishing and the mother of all water sports and the mother of all sports otherwise known as white water rafting belong to the third category. But for the last one which is exhausting, the others are very enjoyable sports.

How to Pick the Right Boating Water Sports

It's obvious that in trying the first type of water sports, you need to have an acceptable level of fitness and a practical knowledge of swimming. Not only will you develop your stamina but being in the water has a healing effect on the person in question.

The same goes for the second type of sport except for the fact that these sports are not necessarily Olympian in nature, and knowing how to swim should suffice.

Perhaps the easiest of the three is boating water sports which does not require the knowledge required for the other two types, and guess what – it's real fun, not unless you want your five minutes of fame.

In Closing

However, the truth is that whether you are doing this to get cheap thrills or even to be famous over the internet, these water sports can help you burn a lot of calories all the same.

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