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Boating Water Sports – Are They Good Exercise?

Posted Dec 14 2012 8:15am

The benefits of boating water sports apart from other types of water-based exercise is well-known.

But there's a cool (and fun side) to it too, thanks to a host of videos that have captured the histrionics of individuals who have spent a lifetime 'walking on water', it seems.

And then there are the wannabes who show a definite need for improvement in skill as they clown around in the water. All in good fun, though.

After all, everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame, and in this day and age, will get it, thanks to the bazillion reality TV shows – just as Warhol predicted in 1968.

But for those who aren't necessarily attention-whores, there are benefits of water based-exercise that they can profit from…

Boating Water Sports – An Introduction

Now if you're sold on the benefits of water exercises , it's a good idea to know what you have on offer, in terms of water sports, before you head off in a new direction.

Usually, there are three types of water sports: in and on the water as well as underwater with all of them being very enjoyable sports that can also help you improve fitness, if it is one of your objectives for spending time in one of these sports.

As for water sports that are 'in the water', swimming, water polo, springboard diving and synchronized swimming are usually popular Olympic events that require optimum fitness.

However, if you are fit enough, these Olympic disciplines can be very beneficial if you already workout regularly but for those who aren't there yet, it would be a good idea to start with swimming.

As for the type which is underwater, one can safely assume that these are for pleasure although they require a certain level of fitness and a good knowledge of swimming. Some of the activities that fall under this category are scuba and free diving, underwater photography and even rugby as well as hockey.

When it comes to the last category and the most popular of all, on the water, canoeing, surfing, waterskiing, parasailing and fishing are probably some of the most common activities that one can benefit from since they're both enjoyable and requires a certain amount of fitness to participate in.

And then there's the mother of all boating water sports : white water rafting. Once you participate in a group activity such as this one, you'll never be the same again – that's for sure.

Boating Water Sports – A List of Safety Tips

Of course, it should be obvious that safety is paramount when it comes to water sports. So here are a 5 tips to keep in mind especially if you are just getting started with boating water sports:

#1: Take Swimming Lessons

This applies to both children and adults and the sooner you take basic swimming lessons, the easier (and safer) it will be for you enjoy all types of water sports.

#2: Always Go With Someone

No matter what you do, never go alone, especially when enjoying water sports.

#3: A Life Jacket and related equipment is a must

No matter how good a swimmer you are, one must always carry and wear a life jacket. Also, in order to be prepared for emergencies, ensure that you take all the necessary precautions by carrying equipment such as flares, a repair kit, fire extinguisher, extra life jackets and so on and so forth.

#4: Always watch out for weather conditions

Always check to see if the weather conditions are stable and avoid rough waters as much as possible. If you keep track of the weather conditions, then you will be able to get to safety just in case a storm breaks out.

#5: Adults must accompany kids

Drowning is the leading cause for the death of children between 1 and 14. Ensure that you keep an eye on them at all time as well as make it mandatory for them to wear life jackets.

In Closing

What kind of water sports do you enjoy? Have they been beneficial for your health? If so, feel free to add your views in the comments section.

Also, you can read more about how you can improve your health by reading up on how you can prepare  alkaline drinking water .

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