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Blood in urine?

Posted by Ishtiaq

I am 36 years old man and I've had my urine test today and found in it the following and would like your opnion on it.

1.Blood  +

2.Leucocytes (Trace)

3.Pus Cells (3 - 6)

4.RBCs (4 - 7)

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Thanks for your kind opnion. May you be available for all those who need help regarding their complications. Would you please give your opnion on the follwing medication as initial treatment?.

I've been given the following as treatment:

1.Hepato-Protective Agent  (Therapy for liver diseases,acute Hepatitis, Jaundice etc.

2. Augmentin (Co-amoxiclav)            

  Than Dr. says he will repeat LFT test in 2 weeks; which will be 16th of June 2009. Is he taking the right direction?                                                                 


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