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Best Dogs for Exercising: Motivation is the key…

Posted Apr 07 2010 5:15am


One of the biggest reasons why people do not exercise is because they lack motivation which can be gained when you have a partner, which is why exercising at home is not considered such a good idea not unless you are one of those exercise freaks who cannot go about their day without that rush of endorphins that makes you feel oh-so-good.

The thing with health and exercise is that one cannot quit but you have to keep it going until you see results, and once you do begin to see results, that's when you will forget all the excuses you ever made, and more important find the motivation from within – which is the most powerful thing known to man. I say this from first-hand experience and perhaps this is why it is important to find a source of motivation until you do see some positive changes.

How your pet dog can help

Almost every family, dysfunctional or not, will find joy in rearing a pet dog… and in most cases, get a puppy sooner or later. And this is where your perfect 'counterexcuse' to exercise lies.

Dogs, by nature, are active and cannot sit around in a corner (like cats) all day long. It is important for them to move around to the point of testing your endurance (read: patience), and hence the onus lies on the animal's owner to take them out for a walk and exercise as well.

If you do not have a dog, then getting one is not such a bad idea (for reasons mentioned above) as they turn out to be much more reliable exercise partners than human partners can be, who are just as susceptible to the same excuses as you are.

There are several breeds to pick from, however, it is advisable to pick animals that are most commonly available (as the rarer breeds can be expensive).

Best Dogs for Exercising

Here's the top 5 breeds of dogs that need a lot of exercise which will require to get off that couch and get moving…

1. Boxer

2. Rottweiler

3. Doberman Pinscher

4. Great Dane

5. German Shepherd

Advantages & Caveats

Although the dogs mentioned on this list are perfect companions for exercise, there are some caveats that one must keep in mind when rearing a dog that belongs to these magnificent breeds.

Aggressive and dominating, these animals can be threat to other household pets, strangers and kids, so obedience and socialized training is a must for these breeds from puppy age.

They can also make a lot of demands for exercise and constant attention, so it is important to do this frequently and if not, could lead restlessness that could take an ugly turn.

On the other hand though, their most positive traits can be courageous (in situations of danger), a degree of intelligence, playfulness that is a delight and in some cases, very protective of their owner which is not such a bad thing.

All in all, if you are looking for a mate to exercise with, these five breeds are the best of the lot to pick from.


Here's an important thought to those who do struggle with the 'lack of motivation' to exercise… if you persist during times when you just don't want to exercise, you will find results sooner or later! But the biggest positive is the psychological lifting of being able to achieve something you set your mind to… and not only will this fuel your fire to exercise better, but to apply this 'drive' in other parts of your life that need a serious kickstart.

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