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Before my penis used to erect in the morning, but since one week it stop, then what is the cause?

Posted by nce42

Then is it a sign of bad health

Must be erect every morning

 Why does it stop

 Is it good as it is not erecting

What will i do to start erect again every morning


i wait to hear from you..thanku..God bless u.

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Yikes!  Just one week ago, you stopped having morning erections?  Any trauma?  Any pain?  Any new medicines or supplements?  Any (new or greater) family, job, money stressors?  

Penile erection is a plumbing issue, augmented in part by hormones and your brain.  Too much cholesterol can decrease blood flow.  In the heart, this is angina or a heart attack.  In the brain, this is a TIA or stroke.  Blood pressure medications are notorious for leading to erectile dysfunction.  

Finasteride (whether for hair or prostate) and dutasteride is known to cause erectile dysfunction in a small percentage of men (most likely by increasing estradiol by lowering dihydrotestosterone).  

Lack of testosterone, or actually not enough of it, can also make it difficult to achieve a morning erection.  One clinical measure of adequte testosterone level (or supplementation) is frequency and/or strength of one's morning erection.

Stress from any source can throw off the brain hormones which then upset your testosterone & estradiol levels and viola! no morning erections.

Hope this helps! 

One more thought:  smoking (cigarettes, cigars, even marijuana) can decrease blood flow to your penis.  So if you smoke, quit!  

But let's say that you've been smoking for a number of years.  Why would you stop having morning erections all of a sudden?  Think of the straw that broke the camel's back.  It's not that any particular straw was that much heavier than all the rest but just the cumulative number finally exceeded what the camel could tolerate.

Same w/smoking.  Sure, you used to be able to achieve morning erections despite smoking but if we measured penile blood flow regularly, we'd see decrease year after year.  Yes, you still had enough to achieve an erection until last week but then you finally crossed the line and no longer had enough blood flow, which then manifested itself as no morning erection.

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