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Bed Bugs Pose No Disease Risk?

Posted Apr 02 2009 11:43am

We’ve all seen the television shows on Dateline and such about bed bugs in hotel beds. It’s quite disturbing and makes you kind of hesitant about staying at hotels. I’m sure you’re heard the saying; “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed-bugs bite”. That wasn’t just something fun to say back in the 18th and 19th century. Beds in some inns had beds that supported the mattress with ropes. You had to actually tighten the ropes of the bed. The bed-bugs? Those weren’t something of wives tails either. During a time when a bath was just another convenience that you took advantage of when you had the opportunity, people used to go quite some time between bathing. Do you think the sheets on those beds were changed often? Just like your average hotel, the sheets were probably changed but the blankets were probably not watched very often. Even these days, Hotels look to save money and their workers probably try to cut corners too. It’s kind of scary.

Image: Newscom

Image: Newscom

Bed bug bites don’t always leave a mark and some people show no signs of any kind of reaction to the bites. Some people may be bitten but never even know it. That doesn’t make you really feel much better about it, does it? An associate professor of entomology at Mississippi State University in Jackson, Mississippi says that although bed-bugs are anuisance, they don’t carry disease.Jerome Goddard, researched and reviewed bed bug studies from the last 50 years and a report published in April 1st issue ofJournal of the American Medical Association, says that there is no solid evidence of any type of disease transmission from bed bugs.

“While there is a nuisance effect from bed bug bites, the public health significance is minimal,” said study author Jerome Goddard, an associate professor of entomology at Mississippi State University in Jackson. “It’s not good. Nobody wants to have blood sucked out of them, but in the scheme of things, they’re not carrying malaria or anything like that.”

Does this mean that you shouldn’t worry about bed bugs? People are going to be paranoid after seeing the TV shows, if paranoia is in their nature. So how do you avoid bed bugs? has some FAQ about how to avoid bed bugs.

Read more about this study at MSN Health.

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