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Balance Exercises – Tightrope Walking, anyone?

Posted Feb 29 2012 8:45am

1974. The location was the Twin Towers, in its early days. Philippe Petit , the unknown French high wire artist committed a travesty that he planned for six years.

He walked on thin air, quite literally… between the two towers, and lived to see the effects of his actions – truly, a cult figure.

You don't need me to tell you that tightrope walking requires one to stay balanced…

That's the only skill that plays an important role in getting from point A to point B, and probably that's true of life as well. Something that we all lose sight of, from time to time…

It's a tough ask… but if Philippe did the impossible in the physical world, we can do it too in the physical and mental world! And that's only comes from practice… and in the context of this blog… from exercise .

Thoughts On Maintaining Balance

Our ability to maintain balance is often taken for granted especially when we're younger. But when old age creeps up on you, everything changes with the realization that you aren't steady on your feet anymore.

And by that time, it's probably too late to do anything other than go through preventative therapy.

It's tough to imagine that we can come to such a state but it happens to the best of us. The inability to maintain equilibrium, as it's known most commonly in Physics.

Probably, some of us aren't very well-balanced in our youth – and one of the best ways to improve this is adding simple balance exercises to our workout routine.

If you're an athlete, you'll find that these exercises are imperative to building your core muscles, and which is the most important group of muscles that is required to perform at your best.

Yet at another level altogether, and more importantly, improving the balance of our lives matter immensely too. Just a question: Is the way you are spending your time on a daily basis making your Life meaningful? Or are you just going through the motions?

Are you making an attempt to find that balance in your Life, which leaves you with more free time?

While you deliberate on these questions, let's take a look at some exercises that can help improve your balance.

Balance ExercisesIt's Really Simple!

If you are in the prime of your health, then it shouldn't be difficult to maintain your balance, and in the case of your workout – these 4 simple balance exercises.

Not only do these exercises actually help improvement by leaps and bounds but they also will play a large part in avoiding the mental trauma and physical injury that can take place later on in life. But most of all, they contribute to the overall fitness of a person even if their workout routine is to primarily increase muscular strength.

You can find the aforementioned 4 balance exercises at this link .

And since we're on the subject of work-life balance as well, you'll find that with a regular workout, your life will change for the better – towards a more balanced lifestyle that should help in the longevity of your life.

In Closing

We can only imagine what it felt like when Phillipe was reaching the end of his walk between the Two Towers…

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