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Awkward Family Photos: You’re Not Alone

Posted May 13 2009 11:32pm


The Internet seems to be turning into a huge repository of all the embarrassing things from your past that you’d rather keep private. First there was ‘ Dork Yearboook ‘ featuring awesomely nerdy yearbook photos from yesteryear. Now there’s the even more horrendously uncomfortable group portraits of ‘ Awkward Family Photos.’

Readers submit their own photos to the site whose motto is “Spreading the Awkwardness”. Seeing these poor folks captured forever on film helps to alleviate our own hopeless clumsiness. See - you’re not alone.

Here are a few gems:

Remember the 80’s when your parents imposing their hideous hairstyles on their kids?


Isn’t it touching how he has his hand on his pregnant teenage girlfriend’s ass?


Let’s all stand around and watch mommy and daddy make out:


Check out much more awkwardness at Awkward Family Photos. But be forewarned, you might get obsessed.

Awkward Family Photos: You’re Not Alone

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