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Auto accident 5 months ago cause of fall in January and traumatic brain injury?

Posted by medsec72

My husband was in an auto accident 8/28/09 where he sustained a bone bruise to his right hip, no fracture seen on X-ray.  No head injury was suspected then.

Over a week ago, he had a severe headache, but attributed it to constipation.  The next day, the pain had subsided, but in the evening while walking to his car, he apparently had a black-out, falling and hitting his head, causing severe bleeding above his right eye.  Transport to ER almost immediately; CT scan done showed subarachnoid hemorrhage.   He remained in SICU for over 24 hours; another CT scan done with dye.  He was released from SICU approximately 36 hours later with Tylenol prescribed for pain.

We are now wondering if this blackout could have been caused from the auto accident in August? The car flipped over at least once, which could have caused brain trauma not checked.  At least one physician (personal friend) has suggested this might be true.



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I have updated my query as more information became available.

hi I had a  subarachnoid hemorrhage 6yrs ago. i was in intensive care for 4 weeks. i was told it was high blood pressure-of which ive never had and smoking. its something you learn to live with, ive known a lot of people young and old who have died with it and i just think your lucky if you survive. good luck lyn uk


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