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Atkins Diet 101

Posted Dec 30 2009 4:13am

atkins_dietSo maybe you’ve heard of this Atkins Diet thing before, but never really known what exactly it is.  This brief lesson on Atkins will help you to understand the basics and some examples of foods that are part of this carbohydrate-reducing lifestyle.  Let’s start with the 4 Phases of Atkins: Induction, Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance, and Lifetime Maintenance.

1. Induction
You will lose weight in the first two weeks of the Induction phase, mainly due to that fact that you will have to give up everything good! Ok maybe not everything, but those sweets and desserts your body is used to are what is keeping the weight on duh! You are required to cut out fruit and nuts altogether, and no alcohol too!  After this, you will go to the next phase.

2. Ongoing Weight Loss
You get to slowly add back some of the foods you enjoyed before starting the Induction.  Woohoo! This will slow down the weight goal.  Foods like nuts are higher in carbs, but still healthy because of their protein content and other vitamins.  Fruits are totally healthy but have natural sugar, so eat in moderation.    Now you’re ready for the next phase.

3. Pre-Maintenance
Here you need to find out where your carb intake allows you to maintain your weight, without fluctuating up or down more than 5 pounds.   You can add in a few more carbs now too, like wheat pastas, rice, and beans or legumes.  Also eat some higher carb fruits like bananas.   This phase often takes the longest, because your body is adjusting.  Take you time Road Runner!  This is your life; you should be enjoying it while keeping an eye what is happening to your body.

4. Lifetime Maintenance
This is the final phase of Atkins, essentially your new healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, and overall a healthier you!  You should be at your target weight now, and be doing everything you can to stay there!

The Atkins Diet also tells you to consume about 1500-1800 calories a day for women, 1800-2000 for men.  They suggest foods with low net carbs, and their own snack bars or shakes for in between meals.  These Atkins Advantage and Endulge bars have a balanced mix of the nutrients you need for a meal replacement as well as your sweets cravings!  So good luck with the Atkins lifestyle and a new you!

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