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Astrological Sign and Mood – What You Need to Know

Posted Jun 28 2013 8:31am

astrology-uranus Astrology is total bullshit, right? How can several million people have the same shitty or excellent day, right?

It's a real pity that most people haven't yet read Carl Jung 's notes on the 'Age of Pisces' but that discussion is for another day.

Because it's a lot more complicated than that, quite frankly. But none of the folks who practice it pretend to know everything that has happened or will happen.

Frankly, I dig it regardless of the prevailing skepticism. Big time. I've seen something in it and I take my time in accepting anything. By the way, astrology is not something to be believed in – it works, in my opinion, independently of religion and belief.

Simply put, it's just a cosmic map that you can probably read into, and benefit from, if you are sensitive enough.

Well, I understand this because of studying it with a really cool astrologer,  Nadiya Shah , a few years ago, and it was probably one of the most mentally stimulating short courses I've taken for a long long time.

Come to think of it, the chicks dig it but if you look at it from the spiritual lessons that it imparts, you don't have the heart to take advantage of them. It's much more than that – it's just a way to know how your day will go, or at least that's what I use it for.

Yeah, I know, really "gay". Really really gay. When you can use it to really score relentlessly. Especially if you're pretty good at it. Trust me, it's much more serious than that.

Which brings us to the question: Is there a relationship between one's astrological sign and mood? Or is it just a whole lot of hogwash?

One thing I can say for sure is that astrology is definitely not for everyone…

Astrological Sign and Mood – Does a Relationship Exist Between the Two?

Most of the halfwits who scoff at astrology barely comprehend the depth of such a study. Yes, your sun sign matters but you have a moon and Ascendant sign to consider too. Bet you didn't know that, now did you?

(Like I said, it's not for everyone! But to each his own…)

And don't get me started on how much value I've found in understanding the North and South node, and its impact in my life.

As for the question: Is there a relationship between each astrological sign and mood . By God, yes… there is a distinct connection between the two.

One way to see this is when the Earth, Air, Fire and Water signs are under duress. For the Earth signs, they tend to be affected physically, the Air signs go round and round in circles mentally, the Fire signs rush into a fit of rage while the Water signs tend to get emotional, as in tears, crying and so on and so forth.

Trust me, I'm an Aquarian, and I go into super-analysis mode when something goes wrong… and which happens a lot these days. A proper nut-job, if you will, and which you'd have figured out by now.

You'll also find that the Earth signs are practical and take their time, while the Air signs are lively and full of ideas while the Fire signs are all bravado and enthusiasm. As for the Water signs, they are probably the smartest signs considering how they control their emotions so well.

But yes, there is a distinct relationships between an astrological sign and mood yet there's more than meets the eye, in this regard, as these aspects can be subtle in some, and can be seen more clearly in others.

As I said, astrology is bit more complex than just Sun signs… but that's for you to find out if you care to.

Trust me, it's a ride you're not bound to forget easily… and as I've discovered!

In Closing

So, do you think there's a distinct relationship between one's astrological sign and mood ? Or do you think it's a load of crap?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Also, here's an article on the history of yoga , considering its contribution to esotericism in these times.

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