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Are red spots on calves and diabetes connected?

Posted by jimadvinv

This may be too much info, sorry if it is.

About 10 years ago I was having medical problems and my doc suspected Diabetes. However, my fasting sugar checks were fine. Eventually she ordered a test for insulin level in which they freeze your urine. This test showed that I had 5 times the normal level of insulin. She diagnosed diabetes and put me on Glucophage. My problem was more with low blood sugar not high. So I had some close calls with low sugar. Later I lost weight and got in better shape and quit taking the meds. About a year and  one half ago symptoms began getting a biyt worse. I still did not get high sugar levels. I believe that lately that has changed and I believe my levels go pretty high. I do not have a monitor any longer and I am about to go back to a doc so I can get a monitor. PLEASE BEAR WITH ME I AM ALMOST FINISHED. Recently I began seeing a doc at a pain clinic (chronic back pain from surgeries). This doc was once a Fertility Endocrinologist. I told him my story including things not mentioned here, such as sudden severe and unexplained weight gain in my early 20's that became stedy and chronic resulting in a 400 pond wreck and gastric bypaa surgery. After a couple of talks he said he believed I have Cushings. I got online and looked it up and there is no doubt in my mind that he is right. Especially the part where one of the side effects is that it inhibits proper insulin usage which results in high insulin levels and eventually Diabetes.NOW, I said all that to ask this question. Several years ago I noticed red spots (sploches) on my calves. They increased from 3 or 4 to 30 or 40 now. A man once told me he was diabetic and the spots were from diabetes and he had them also. I asked 2 or 3 docs about it and they did not know. Finally one told me yes it is because of diabetes and I could get them checked out. They got better for a time and I let it go. Lately the spots have begun to get brighter red and spreading. I am going to look for an Endo doc but I was hoping someone might recognize the symptom I am having. I hope some one can tell me what to call this condition so I can tell this doc specifically what I think this is.  If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Thanks

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