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Another Day

Posted Jun 25 2009 8:45am

Well it is 6:15 am and my day is ending. Working nights in a sleep disorder Clinic I am no longer in sync with the daytime world.

2 am you will find me in my office fumbling through various yoga poses with one eye on the monitors.   My co-worker does allow me time for my eccentricities. As one can imagine North Texans have some difficulty with the thought of body harmonics. Most of my brothers and sisters too find my Yoga attempts to be a bit out on a limb so to speak. My families view is as follows “If you can not eat it, kill it stuff it, or make love to it what is the point.

This past Tuesday installed an eco-friendly water filtration unit in my home.   Late yesterday afternoon before my pre-work ritual cleared out the cabinet of any foods that have ingredients that I can not pronounce. My spouse just watched in amazement as the cans, bottles, and packages went into a box for donation to the local food bank.

Have not been able to stop all coffee drinking as of yet.

Coffee my one true addiction. In the past during a busy season or while working on articles relating to Low Testosterone levels and sleep have been known to go through five pots of coffee in a twenty hour period.

Well gang, the CPAP machine is turned on the mask cleaned so it is time to close and will be back with you soon.

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