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An Early Start: Dealing with Hair Loss in Your Prime

Posted Apr 27 2013 10:34am

The truth is, hair loss is no fun, no matter what age you are, but you reach a certain age when losing a few on top is somewhat expected. 2/3 of men begin showing some signs of male pattern baldness by age 60, while only ¼ begin by age 30. So what does all this mean for you if you are one of the lucky few that start to look a little thin on top while still in your 20’s? There are plenty of options available for men and women of any age to help you to cope with hair loss and thinning, and keep your confidence in tact.

Just Own It

There are plenty of sexy celebrity men that have started to lose their hair in their prime and haven’t done anything to hide it. Matt Damon, Prince William, Jude law and Jon Hamm are all hot, in demand and …balding. What is the secret to looking sexy while losing your hair? The key is to realize that your hair line does not define you. If you can forget about the fact that your hair may be a little thinner than it was a few years ago, regardless of your level of hair loss, and have extreme confidence, you will appear just as hot and attractive as you did before it all started, if not more.

Cover it Up

If you have decided that you just can’t feel confident going au natural, you can always hide the problem for a few years by wearing a hat. Understand though, that it is humanly impossible to wear a hat 24 hours a day and at some point, you will be seen without one. This is not a permanent fix and may do more overall damage to your ego than its worth. If you go throughout life feeling like you have something you have to hide, you may do permanent damage to your overall confidence and self esteem.

Consider a Transplant

The hair restoration and transplant industry has evolved so much in just 60 or so years since its start. Hair plugs are a primitive compared to the modern procedures available to patients today. If you have severe thinning, or believe that you are genetically prone to suffer further hair loss, it is worth looking into what methods of clinical hair restoration are available to you in your area. The most progressive procedure at this time is follicular unit transplant , a procedure in which individual follicles of your own hair are extracted from your full back of the head and transplanted to the hairline and head where thinning and balding has occurred. This is a minimally invasive procedure with excellent and extremely natural virtually undetectable results.

Get Tatted

So you don’t want to deal with the time spent with surgery and recovery, there is a relatively new and simple procedure called scalp micropigmentation which is for all intensive purposes equivalent to creating the effect of a lightly shaved hair line by use of tattoo. This method could be right for you if you already prefer the close shave look or if you are mostly balding but would like the appearance of a still existing growth of hair and hair line.

Shave it all Off

And if all this seems like too much trouble and you just don’t want to worry about any of it, just shave your head. There are plenty of people out there that have made this look their signature, so what says you can’t rock it with the best of them.

Remember that hair is nothing without confidence, how you truly feel about yourself is all that matters. If you feel sexy and confident, that will be the first thing that people will see, not your hair…or lack thereof.

Frank Jenkins started losing his hair in his late twenties. He likes to think of his research and experiments with his hair as an ongoing adventure. He is an expert on the latest trends and more importantly the tried and true methods of hair loss treatment.

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