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Alley and Brandon Censored Pics – Best Results Yet!

Posted Jan 10 2010 3:07pm

We both set hard, concrete goals this week and even printed them out and posted them on the wall, so it was no surprise that we both had our best results yet this week!

This week's numbers and updated progress pictures are below…


Weight: 141.6 pounds (-2.2lb from last week)
Waist: 28.9 inches (-1.0" from last week)

I was excited and surprised to lose over 2 pounds and an amazing full inch from my waist! My goal is to be 135 pounds by January 24th.

I stuck to whole, clean foods all week, and did 5 workouts. One of the biggest changes was going completely organic mid-week too.

After seeing "Food, Inc.," it was a no-brainer, and I have no doubt my amazing results will continue, inside and out!


Weight: 191.0 pounds (-0.8lb from last week)
Waist: 33.2 inches (-0.4" from last week)

I had awesome results this week, dropping my waist nearly half an inch, while maintaining my weight/muscle. My goal is to get down to a 32.9" waist by January 24th, without losing too much weight.

I just want to drop a few pounds of body fat, while maintaining and/or adding lean mass.

I've tried organic briefly in the past, but with Alley's support, I'm going to stick with it this time. We've had some of the best tasting meals I've ever enjoyed over the last few days, and every single one has been 100% organic!

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