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Alkaline Water Filter: How to make water alkaline

Posted Dec 26 2009 4:45am

how-we-get-waterWater is known as the universal solvent, and our body cannot survive without a particular quantity everyday. However, I’ve found it hard to not be cynical with the impressive range air and water purifiers that are now in production for the Monk-like obsessive-compulsive types, but this concept of the alkaline water filter is something else. Reports indicate that this seems to be helping people lift their energy levels, stamina and take sure but simple steps to a healthier ‘alkalized’ future.

This entire theory of alkalizing almost every form of nutrition (yes, including water) will make it easier for our body to maintain a pH level at a value of 7.35, upon achieving which, the benefits are numerous as opposed to adopting a diet that is acidic in nature, or more clearly, leaves an ‘acidic’ ash after digestion.

Now, since most of us at least drink a good amount of water everyday, it is an ideal way by which the acidic wastes (which are conducive for microorganisms, viruses and bacteria) in the body can be neutralized and washed away, hence, restoring the pH level to its optimum value.

I’m sure most of you already use Home Water Distillers, Water Ionisers, Reverse Osmosis Water Filters that are designed to provide you healthy water in the comfort of your own home. These products will ONLY purify the water but do not do anything to raise the pH value above 7.

Now there are simple ways by which you can ‘naturally’ alkalize the water to a pH value of 9 to 10, and here are two options:
1. Add fresh lemon or lime juice into the water
2. Add pH boostings supplements manually into the water before drinking. You can consult your physician or do a bit of research on the Internet as there are numerous products available. Some examples include ‘Happy Mood Salt’ [as opposed to normal salt] or the pHion pH Booster. Both supplements provide detailed instructions as to the quantity that has to be used and so on and so forth.

Apart from these techniques, you can combine both steps by purchasing an alkaline water filter which purifies the water as well as alkalizes it. In some models, there are 5 pH levels that can be chosen while not having to wait for the alkalized water to be produced as well as a step-by-step system to help you prepare the alkaline water. In addition, if the steps are not followed accurately, an alarm is installed to help you redo the steps involved in preparing the alkaline water. Most of all, they normally provide you with a one-year warranty as well as indicators that keep you informed of the life that your filter has left.

On a personal note, I think this is an eye-opener for a lot of people who are struggling with fatigue, digestive issues, stress and who seem to think that resorting to medicine will help in reducing these day-to-day issues and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

In closing, I recall Bill Maher’s saying that the ‘shit’ is in the food, and not necessarily with anything else. Truer words were never spoken as most of the options for food is acidic. So if we take care of that, we can definitely move towards a healthier and most importantly, a happier and balance life.

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