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Alcohol Addiction: Tips and Reasons to quit

Posted Dec 17 2010 8:34am

I've been on the road since the last week, and in doing so, came across this book aptly titled "It's not about the bike"  which speaks of Lance Armstrong's life. Yes, it details out his battle with testicular cancer in a very compelling and personal manner.

And in utmost honesty, it was tough to understand why he did get this type of cancer… actually, does anyone know why cancer patients get the disease other than the fact that they might have addictions related to liquor or tobacco!

While these addictions are clearly indicative of the hell that awaits you when diagnosed with cancer (thanks to Lance's book), one can't help but feel sorry for Lance, as he did not seem to share any of these addictions in his quest to come out on top in the cycling world. And yet there are so many of them who never get cancer despite their insatiable hedonistic traits that get the better of them from time to time!

It just shows us how much we really know about health and fitness anyways despite the fact that we are able to cure complex diseases these days.

Understanding Addiction

At another level altogether, the reasons why one plays with fire in the form of "substance abuse" can be attributed to many reasons, most of which have to do with the person being unable to cope with some form of emotional trauma that might have befallen them in the past which often ends up in resorting to "self-medication". For others, it might just be that deep-rooted desire to drink and while it can subconsciously mean fun, it doesn't necessarily end up like that!

But the most likely reason why one is addicted is because even though the 'magic' of drinking or smoking has faded, the brain has now developed a dependency on the substance that cannot be let go off so easily. This reason is the most conventional approach to treating patients with addiction, especially to alcohol and tobacco.

And somehow, everything around them doesn't seem to matter as much as the substance itself  (Watch the movie 'Requiem for a dream'!) causing them to shrink away from society itself and from their daily routine that might be considered indicators of 'normal living'. And it is in understanding these reasons that one can begin to shake themselves free of the habit that seems to leave them disempowered… and merely existing, if you will!

And perhaps this is the biggest reason why one should take serious steps to beat this habit of drinking alcohol no matter what it takes… the desire to live, and not exist anymore!

Tips to quit drinking alcohol

Now before one sets out to quit drinking too much alcohol, one must understand the levels at which they are currently positioned at. This means that if you cannot manage without a drink even for a few hours, then this means that you are a chronic alcoholic, plain and simple, and you must check yourself into a reputed rehab center as soon as possible.

For all other levels, here are some simple tips that you could try:

Tip #1: Don't live in denial but accept the fact that you are rapidly moving towards alcoholism.

Tip #2: Ask for help and support from friends and family.

Tip #3: Set goals to reduce drinking while also including your nearest and dearest to help keep you away from withdrawal symptoms.

Tip #5: Get professional help (a physician will be more than happy to assist) and join groups like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Tip #6: Remember that de-addiction is a continuous process, and needs to be monitored at all times.

In Closing

And just as Lance Armstrong rid himself of cancer completely and began to compete again, it is possible for an alcohol addict to rid himself/ herself of the habit as well.

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