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Adrenaline Sport – 'Safer' Options That You Can Try

Posted Apr 03 2013 8:49am

So, what does it mean "to be alive"?

It's a question that the movie 'Jack Reacher' asks in a convoluted manner, considering his desire for solitude. I liked that movie and still think that Tom Cruise , despite his obsession with Scientology, should probably feature as one of Hollywood's finest, if not for the amount of money he makes.

Compared to his earlier flicks where, at the age of 50+, he has defied age, logic and time as it were to play roles that required one to defy gravity and so on and so forth.

(Watching that scene at the Burj Khalifa in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol should probably give you an idea of what I'm trying to get at.)

Yet very differently, a scene in Jack Reacher made me think a bit about solitude, freedom and the like, in which he says that he just wants to be left alone as that is probably the only way to be truly free. After all, all fictional characters in the movies, are based on real ones, indeed.

One wonders whether adrenaline sport junkies also desire to be set free from their limitations – to be free physically. It's probably why they go to such lengths to participate in activities that other people would find "crazy", if not dangerous…

Much like Cruise, they also seem to stay in shape as well… and for good reason too!

Adrenaline Sport vs. Conventional Sport – A Comparison

Right off the bat, participating in adrenaline sport does not mean that you are putting your life at risk. In fact, the chances of you getting hurt is just as much as when you play a conventional sport.

No, we're not only referring to stock car racing, spelunking, base or bungee jumping, sky diving or even ski jumping but also those that really require you to exert yourself equally and give you that rush that only activities of this type can offer but isn't as dangerous.

In any case, professional sportsmen are known to get injured when playing conventional sport and break a million hearts while there are stringent safeguards in place for those who have a thing for adrenaline sport .

On that somber note, let's look at a list of options that adrenaline junkies can try, considering how beneficial it can be when it comes to improving your fitness levels by miles while giving you that 'high' that's like no other.

Adrenaline Sport – Safer Options that You Can Try

While bungee or base jumping is clearly not for everyone, there are a few adrenaline sports that almost anyone can try, and which can benefit you greatly, in terms of fitness levels.

Some of the options that are available to one and all, include:

#1: Water Sports

Snorkeling, diving, open water swimming are some options while other really scary "on the water" options include powerboating, white water rafting and so on and so forth. Kiteboarding and surfing are also ways to expend a good amount of energy while working with the wind and waves.

#2: Mountain, Coasteering or Indoor Climbing

Climbing mountains without ropes, swimming in sea caves or even scaling off the vertical face of a rock are some activities that work just as well, if you are an adrenaline junkie. Let's not forget the uber-cool sport of indoor climbing too.

#3: Parkour

Greater flexibility, speed, efficiency are the attributes of parkour and a sport that is truly for the brave at heart, considering how dangerous it can get, if you are an exhibitionist by nature.

#4: Martial Arts

MMA requires a level of fitness that can only be expected from athletes, and one can enroll for classes if they are not afraid to get hurt. Just know that a lot will be expected from you… and it is a discipline, as you might have watch, that is not for a weak of heart.

In Closing

So, are there any other adrenaline sport options that can keep one in shape? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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