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About 2 months ago I noticed a tingling going through my urethra after having ridden my 125 cc scooter quite a bit over 3 days.

Posted by u095267

Other information:

1. I visitied the doctor and had a urine sample taken and my kidneys checked (1 week ago).  The urine sample was fine, no signs of diabetes or any bacterial infection.  The renal check also showed no issues.

1. I am only 40.  I was quite healthy below the waist prior to this.  This wasn't a gradual change - it was likely falling off a ledge.

1. I don't smoke or use drugs.  I drink very little.  I eat very healthy.  I have always exercised regularly.

1. I feel no pain of any kind, only the occasional tingling through the urethra.  It seems like a type of paresthesia, based on my Internet research anyway...

2. The scrotum is still quite normal, no numbness of any kind.

3. I had been riding this scooter for a year with no issues at all.

4. I had the engine changed around the same time this problem began.  It seems to vibrate in a way now that really irritates me down there, but, again, I very rarely ride my scooter now and when I do it's only for about 5 minutes or so.  Also, it's only 125 cc, not a Harley...

5. It seems that at times I'm generating more sperm than before this began, which seems more a function of the prostate.  Even when I'm loaded down there, it is difficult to get an erection.  I feel quite dead below the waist now.  There is a very noticeable difference between now and what I was like 2 months ago.....

6. I am almost certain I have no STD's as I get checked regularly for my job and last had one in March.

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Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, it's already been 7 weeks or so and things haven't changed a bit.  I have very rarely been using my scooter in this time period and only to work and back (5 minutes).

I'll likely see another doctor, though i'm in taiwan and the doctors here don't seem the best in solving extraordinary issues.   i'll likely go and visit the best hospital in taipei, though.

thanks again.


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