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Abdominal swelling & pain

Posted by tbok

My husband his swelling and pain in his upper right abdominal area, what could cause this?  He has no other symptoms and has no problems having a bowel movement.  He has had this for about 3 weeks now.
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hello,i am overweight and i have been having pain in my left abdominal for a while now,and where i felt it,it feels boney like a cist or something or swollen,my right side feels fine but my left side doesn't,and when i press on the boney,cist,swollen part i feel the pain please can you tell me whats wrong we me im 26 years old and very scared,i had a bad virus infection a few months ago and the doctor wouldn't give me any antibiotics and not sure if i got rid of it or not,and on friday i had a bad tooth taken out:((


I don't know the answer but I have had the same problem for the same amount of time.  I do NOT have a gallbladder, but if you do, that could be your problem.  I had a sonogram done last Thursday.  If i learn anything I will let u know.
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