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Abdominal pain like a tightening feeling with difficulty inhaling full breath.

Posted by Noeleen

My Husband has a pain in his abdomen he describes like a tightening this causes he to have a problem intaking full breath he has to take a few small breaths before he can take a full one but the abdominal pain/tightening does not go. He has this now for approx a week. Can you please advise.

Thank You. 

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In the abdominal area, there is a muscle (In the top, of the area.) that controls breaths. It is also the muscle that give us hiccups. This muscle is called diaphragm


from what you are describing, then the cause coud be that there is an irritation in the diaphragm muscle (The way that the muscle works is this! When we mammals are breathing (IN) Then the muscle creates a vacuum in the lungs by pulling it self down.

When we exhale then the muscle "pushes" it self up against the lungs, and therefor pressing the air out!


It is either an irritation ORE there is a smaller opportunity that there is a problem with one of his organs in the abdominal area.


NO MATTER WHAT THEN SEEK YOUR DOCTOR!!! He/She is the only one that can give ENY prober diagnose!!!


From JD

Hope it coud help!!! but seek your doctor!!! 

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