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Abdominal discomfort.

Posted by Wayne

Medium discomfort in upper abdominal when laying down for extended periods of time. Subsides fairly quickly when upright posistion is resumed.
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The feeling is more of an ache than a burn and has been consistent for approximately 17 years.

The only time it occurs is in a horizontal position for extended periods of time.

Food or drink doesn't seem to alleviate or worsen the pain.

I've practiced different routines and altered habits to try and seek out the cause without any success.

It has never been a severe pain or become worse so I just lived with it. Now I'm just curious.

Thanks for your time and your response

It does look like aerophagia.  I have this problem for years but not in upper stomach. I found about aerophagia today by googling. It seems that my problem is swallowing the air while eating. Also breathing properly is very important. Bottom line -  don't swallow the air.


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