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A faster, more powerfull fighter with ungodly endurance!

Posted Jun 05 2009 3:03pm

Muscle will only respond in advanced
trainers or athletes with resistance. If the muscle is not
presented with new challenges ( resistance ) it has no reason to
adapt and grow. Your body has no reason to change( body ) composition ( burn fat, build lean muscle tissue, become faster & more explosive ).

With H.I.G.T, my fitness program ( high intensity group training ) the basis is to stimulate new muscle
development by recruiting type II (red)( fast twitch ) muscle fibers. Fibers that
will only come into play when the muscle becomes over loaded ( the
lazy muscle fiber ). H.I.G.T does this in two ways. When you have
taxed your muscle lets say with a set of dumbbell presses, most of
the work was done with type one fibers (white) ( slow twitch ) little to none of
your type two (red) muscle fibers came into play. This studied & proven by science.

However by immediately moving from one multi joint
exercise ( exercises that recruit the most muscle fibers to perform
the movement, IE: squats, dead lifts, rows, etc..) to the next, up
to four different exercises for different body parts in a set, type
one fibers have become overworked and force type two fibers to come
and assist, thus causing maximum damage and with proper nutrition &
rest new tissue.

The second way is with intensity, in my routine I achieve this with little to no rest between sets. The body will respond two ways training this way. First, you will burn loads of calories and force the most important muscle in your body to work overtime. Your heart! Pretty much eliminating the need to do boring types of cardio to strip away fat and shed water. Secondly, with little to no rest you fatigue your type one fibers much faster than traditional one set and rest old school training. Thus conditioning your body to recruit faster, type two fibers. The muscle building lean for life, ripped as a Mother F@#!*! Type two ,fast twitch fiber!

My H.I.G.T training will keep you lean & muscular for life, not to mention it is challenging and fun to do, in time of course. At first you will be sending me hate mail.

Richard Seymour
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