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82 year old father

Posted by smartypants1953

82 year old father complains to doctor his right shoulder/muscle has split (hernia) and causing alot of pain. Doctor refuses to operate due to split in shoulder.   Thanks  Shirley Rickard
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Oftentimes, the risk of complications outweighs the benefits of surgery.  This is something that needs to taken into consideration on an individual basis.  By that, I mean the decision will be different for each patient and each surgeon and at different points in time for the same patient & surgeon. 


There's absolutely no reason that you can't ask for a second or even third opinion.  However, and this is my opinion, once you go beyond some level where everyone says no and you keep pushing for a yes, eventually you'll stumble onto someone who'll say yes but possibly for the wrong reason(s).  But 2nd opinon?  3rd opinon?  That shouldn't be an issue. 


Next is who to go ask.  First, if money is an issue, check your insurance plan and see who in that specialty takes it.  Presumably your dad is on Medicare so you'll need to find someone who takes Medicare (not everyone does).  Also, putting money aside, find out who's got the best reputation in your area by asking around family & friends as well as your family physician and your dad's.  In other words, if your physician needed the same surgery, to whom would s/he turn regardless of insurance?  Good luck!

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