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7 Tricks & Tips to Help You Stick to Your Fitness Program

Posted Oct 01 2011 9:55am

For many of us, exercise is a quick fix cure for an expanding waistline, or to look good on the beach. But after we've achieved our goal, it is way too easy to let things slight, and turn our backs on physical exercise until the need arises again.

If you care about your health and you value your life, physical fitness shouldn't just be regarded as a quick solution to a weight problem. There are even more powerful benefits to staying fit and healthy.

Regular exercise helps to prevent serious health problems including depression, some cancers, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. It can also help you feel more confident, less sluggish and give you more energy.

The trouble is we all know that exercise is good for us but motivating ourselves to begin a fitness regime and stick to it is the difficult part.

It wasnít until I grew older that I realized that a physical fitness regime was essential to my health and well being. And I too found it difficult to motivate myself, but I found plenty of tips and trick to make sure that I stuck to my fitness plan.

1. The 30 Day Rule: Research has shown that any daily activity will become a habit, if you stick to it for 30 days. So getting through the first 30 days of your fitness regime is crucial to your success.

2. Find a Training Buddy: Working out with a colleague or friend can be a great idea, as you can spur each other on when the going gets tough.

Pro: Working out with others can make exercise more fun.

Con: If youíre not both truly committed to getting fit, you may influence each other to give up.

3. Hire a Personal Trainer: If youíre struggling to get started, it may be worth hiring a personal trainer for a few weeks. A good personal trainer will be able to help you devise a fitness plan and get you used to a regular exercise regime.

Pro: A personal trainer will motivate you to work out. And because youíre paying for his time you will probably take your fitness regime more seriously.

Con: Hiring a personal trainer can be an expensive option. Depending on where you live, expect to pay between $25 and $75 per hour.

4. Choose Something You Have a Chance of Enjoying: This might sound like common sense but you would be surprised at the number of people who choose a particular exercise just because it burns fat faster.

Pro: You are more likely to stick to a fitness program you enjoy.

Con: You may just become addicted to exercise. Iím not joking – exercise addiction is a serious problem for some people. They become addicted to the highs they get from exercise as a result of increased dopamine level.

5. Variety: Instead of plodding away on the treadmill for an hour, choose a workout which includes a variety of different exercises.

Pro: Youíre less likely to get bored. Also, you are more likely to avoid injury, as you will be exercising various different muscle groups instead of putting all the strain on one.

Con: You will need to put a bit more thought and planning into your exercise routine.

6. Use Gadgets: If youíre into technology, using fitness related gadgets and mobile phone applications might motivate you. There are plenty of good ones available if you do a search on Google.

Pro: Applications that record your progress and help you plan your workout will add a fun element to your fitness regime, and inspire you to carry on.

Con: You may be tempted to spend more time playing with gadgets and applications than you spend working out.

7. Protect Yourself Against Injury: Make sure you donít injure yourself when working out by warming up, cooling down and stretching. Also make sure you take the time to learn the proper exercise techniques.

Pro: Youíre less likely to put yourself out of action for several weeks if you avoid injuring yourself.

Con: Warm ups, cooling down and stretches add additional time to your workout, but they are an essential part of your routine.

All this may sound like hard work, but the benefits of keeping fit shouldnít be ignored. You will feel and look healthier if you take part in a regular fitness program, and you may even prolong your life.

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Derek Carroll enjoys reviewing fitness products such as the p90x nutrition and exercise schedule, and the Bowflex dumbbells 552 adjustable dumbbell set. He also searches the internet for great deals and savings and shares his findings on his blog,

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