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5 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:13pm

All to many people out there (especially men ) are always looking for new ways to get fit and increase performance, but when the word yoga comes into play they immediately shoot it down with no intentions of hearing what that person has to say. But times are changing and more and more men are starting to pick up the yoga mat and head to the gym. If you can get over the word yoga, and what you are going to be doing at the class then you actually can benefit a great deal. Check out the top 5 reasons why you need to start doing yoga. But for safety reasons don’t dress like the dude to the right lol

Each and every time you go to yoga your not gonna be working just parts of your body, but your entire body. You will see a great result from this because your blood will be flowing throughout your system and start making your body sweat and strain (resulting in weight loss and body toning). You will also notice better sleep patterns from getting into this ancient workout regime because you have tuckered yourself out from the class.

As is the same from going to the gym on a daily basis or participating in healthy activities , doing yoga will boost your system to release energy your body needs to do the exercising. So once you are done your workout you will notice you have increased energy and mental focus from participating in yoga.

In most yoga classes you will notice that heat is turned up in the room, this is done so that your body is made to perspire and sweat out. By causing your body to create a fever like symptom your body then starts to release toxins from your torso into the sweat, cleansing you from what could have been a cold or worse. Always remember to re-charge your system after by eating healthy daily meals and getting a solid intake from f oods which help boost your immune system and have positive effects on you.

So many athletes find themselves hurting after a long workout, exercises such as

  • Long distance running

All these and much much more can cause a lot of lactic acid build up in your muscles and yoga helps to combat this effect by doing a wide Ora of stretching and tension releasing exercises that rid your body of this lactic acid. Which is why you can find yourself running and working out again sooner then before.

As if I hadn’t given enough reasons already, yoga can be a very useful tool when it comes to your sex life. Not only will you find yourself more limber and flexible but you will notice a great difference in your endurance and performance times. A lot of yoga exercises work not only muscles but organs as well, thus giving you more blood flow to certain parts of your body, helping you last longer in bed. Your heart is also given lots of extra help by doing yoga which transfers over to the endurance side of things, so you will notice you don’t gas out so fast when your making your move.

Yoga is not just a fad, it is here to stay… So you need to get on board sooner then later so your not playing catch up with your fellow peers. Stay alert for some easy to do exercises in the near future, or sign up for the RSS feed at the top right of the page and be the first to get the special bonus articles that will help with yoga and muscle training.

Take care and stay healthy

Post from: Men's Garage

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