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5 Reasons to Meditate Now

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:47pm
Photo of our Man of the Moment,
Godfrey or Gadz, in rustic tranquility.

Create a life you love
A modern mind is almost always thinking thoughts. For most of us, many of these thoughts happen “behind our back,” or without our awareness. Look at your external world. Not seeing what you like? You have created this. Through meditation, you expand your field of awareness and, in doing so, catch many unconscious (and undesirable) thought patterns that are creating your life.

Get off the Emotional Roller Coaster
Chances are your emotions have convinced you that you are what you feel. But these emotions change and flow at a moment’s notice. To be one with this is exhausting. Happily, you are not your emotions. Emotions are a result of the beliefs and thoughts that you are carrying both inside and outside your field of awareness. They are temporary, but dynamic teachers of what we are holding in our thoughts. Meditate and the emotion will serve you instead of you constantly serving your emotions.

Heal your Relationships
Is there a relationship in your life that is unsavory? If so, this relationship is probably doing a number on your emotions, and there are probably many thoughts going on about this relationship behind your back and right in front of you. You might be thinking: "This person is so…” “If only they would change…” or “They should be doing”." Relationships are powerful mirrors for your unaware thinking patterns. Through meditation, you begin to see how you have been called in a particular relationship. Then, you can receive the healing and be grateful for the healer.

Be Internally Inspired, Externally Humored
Labels got you down or up? You may be thinking that your labels define you. You know the ones: “I’m a doctor, a teacher, a wife, a brother, a good person, a nervous wreck, a funny guy, a slob, a sensitive person, a freak.” These are put on us by the external world. Today's media, our family structure, our peer group, and each one of us-- we all love labels. They are a simple way to define the world and give it structure. But these labels come and go. They change. If you attach to, or identfy with them, you are in for the emotional roller coaster ride when they change. Perhaps you are experiencing that now. Make the choice to be humored by labels. You may even feel like having a good laugh. Go for it. Then, choose to be internally inspired by the truth that you are not your labels. You are something that does not change —something that is beautiful, wise, eternal, and infinite.

Move Forward!
Do you keep repeating patterns in your life? Calling in the same relationship? Repeating the same misaligned behavior? Finding yourself in the same unfulfilling job situation? It is because you have not caught the underlying belief/thought pattern and thus keep calling it in to experience and learn from. Catch the thought. Evolve your consciousness. Meditate.

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