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5 Reasons to Keep a Daily Diet Log

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:53pm

A daily diet log is one of the most useful tools you can use to reach your ideal weight and body composition. The key is to use it correctly, because if you don't lie to yourself, then your diet log won't lie to you either.

Daily Diet Log

Daily Diet Log

If you honestly write down every single thing that goes plunging down your throat-hole, the carnage staring back at you from the page may just scare you skinny!

A diet log will tell you instantly where the bulk of your calories are coming from and how all those little "snacks" can add up so quickly.

I know, I know: You're busy. We all are. But YOU couldn't possibly make time to tediously write down everything you eat. That's just for those OCD health-nuts, right?

Well, knowing you have to write down your daily calorie consumption will likely keep you from indulging in all those little side-treats, which will probably not only cover the time spent recording, but save a few extra minutes as well.

Also, you don't have to keep tracking things meticulously forever. The great thing about making yourself do this for at least a week or more is you'll quickly begin to get a sense for where your calories are best "spent."

Once you get a week or two in, most people can abandon the log entirely, or at least cut back to more general and estimated calorie-keeping.

5 Reasons to Keep a Daily Diet Log

1. You can use it as a motivation to lose or gain weight

If you are one of those people who are getting frustrated with losing or gaining weight, you can use a daily diet log to help you out.

People who want to lose weight normally want to have lesser calorie intake on a daily basis; a daily diet log will help them stay on track of their ultimate goal. On the flipside, people who want to gain weight want to have increased calorie intake and a daily diet log can also help them gain more pounds.

2. People who are suffering from health problems

Millions of Americans are affected by diabetes and heart problems. These diseases usually require the person to have a controlled diet and having a daily diet log can help you in controlling what you eat, right down to total sugar and sodium content for the day.

3. See and realize what you are eating

More often than not, we are all guilty of just chomping down food without really realizing how many calories, cholesterol or even junk we are getting into our body.

A daily diet log can help you be more aware of what you are eating. If you feel like you have the tendency to overeat at certain times of the day or be an emotional eater, the log can help you get past these problems by identifying common triggers or symptoms.

4. It can be used as a motivation to change bad eating habits

If you’re a chocoholic or you want to cut down on certain food that you have been somewhat addicted to, a daily diet log can also help you out with this problem.

If you can see what you are eating, it will be easier to see a pattern and kick the bad eating habits out of your daily food intake.

5. Enhance your self-control

When it comes to food and self-control, it’s usually a push and pull situation. Sometimes the self-control wins, and sometimes the food wins.

In order to not let the food take control of you, a daily diet log can help you strengthen your self-control by giving you a tangible sense of victory when you can look back at a great day of healthy eating.

Do you keep a daily diet log? If so, what's your favorite method for recording: notebook, online, other?

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