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5 great reasons why the Paleo Diet is totally worth trying

Posted Apr 02 2013 10:01am

For a better part of history, food has been rather scarce and the masses never really had enough to overindulge which of course meant that the concept modifying diet to lose weight didn’t really exist. However, fad weight loss diets appear to have been around as early as 1087 when the then English monarch William the Conqueror went on a booze-only diet to lose those extra stones of weight. Today, only people with super active lifestyles and naturally speedy metabolisms can maintain a healthy weight without dieting which means that the world is spoilt for fad diet choices. Yet, there really isn’t a single formula that can be proclaimed as the best. However, the recently developed Paleolithic Diet aka the Paleo Diet is one that makes a lot of sense on many levels. Here are top five reasons why you should try the Paleo Diet.

Reason #1: We’re hardwired to respond to such a diet

For millennia before sugary cereals, deep fried bacon and fast food became staples in our diet, humans were eating foods that they could obtain naturally using nothing more than crude stone tools. These included meats, seafood, fruits, naturally growing veggies and nuts and seeds that these hunter gatherers could find around them. As there were no agencies like the FDA telling humans what was okay to eat and what wasn’t, humans ate whatever they were instinctively attracted to and whatever they found the most nourishing. Since humans followed such a diet for a good few centuries and thrived because of it, our bodies evolved to respond to it positively.

Reason #2: You don’t have to worry about preservatives and chemicals entering your body

Most processed foods, pre-prepared foods, condiments etc. are laden with dangerous preservatives to give them a longer shelf life. However, human body isn’t geared to process such chemicals and often responds to such foods by turning sick or by storing fat. The Paleo Diet asks you to quit all these foods which means that you only eat what would feel natural to your body which reduces the chances of illness and excessive fat storing.

Reason #3: You won’t get diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, etc. on this diet

Some of the most common of modern “lifestyle diseases” have their roots in poor modern diet. When you give up these processed options for foods that have helped humans evolve into a stronger more intelligent species for millennia, you automatically reduce your chances of getting these “modern” diseases too.

Reason #4: It makes you more attractive

Think about it, the Paleo Diet asks you to eat healthy proteins which contribute to better muscle structure and reduction of fat; fresh fruits and veggies that fill you with nutrients and natural nuts and seeds that keep your body well oiled from the inside. By restricting foods which have an adverse effect on your appearance like dairy, grains and alcohol, the Paleo Diet automatically improves your appearance and makes you look fitter and younger without even trying!

Reason #5: It boosts libido and fertility

If the diet choices of our Paleolithic ancestors weren’t awesome, we literally wouldn’t be here today. Our survival and evolution as the dominant species on the planet is a direct result of this hardy and nutritious diet. If this diet didn’t make Paleolithic studs and babes more attractive to each other, didn’t boost their libidos and made them more fertile, we’d probably be extinct by now!

About The Author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes to Social Cloud .

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