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5 Exercise Equipments that Gives Real Results

Posted Jan 17 2012 10:39am

Alright! So many ads out there, so many equipments to choose from. What equipment should you work out on for optimal results? A question that leaves many weight loss devotees confused. If you’re starting on a workout regime and planning to have your own gym at the comfort of your home, then here are the five exercise equipments that you must have. Giving real results, these equipments are perfect for shedding off pounds, toning abs, and thighs, and more importantly, keeping you in good shape on the whole.

1). The Every green – Treadmill

A classic machine, the treadmill is a must have exercise equipment for anyone wanting to lose overall body fat and staying fit. With the treadmill, the only thing you need is good music for your ears, and you’ll be ready for a 20 minute jog right in the comfort of your own home. For a majority, the necessary weight loss exercise starts (and ends) with running. Since not everyone has the privilege of going for a jog in their neighborhood, you can always buy a treadmill and enjoy a good morning exercise routine.
Though it’s easy to use the treadmill, starters should always test at the slowest pace, before they can increase the speed. Start off with slow walking mode and switch to fast running mode only when you have got used to it. Do not use it excessively, because an hour or more of “treadmilling” could lead to trouble.

2). Rowing Machines

Have you ever heard of rowing considered as one of the best cardio exercises, giving you a whole body workout? Well then, you don’t actually have to row a boat to lose weight. With efficient rowing machines, you can easily workout like a boat rower, without going through the trouble of finding a river to row! Rowing demands both upper and lower body for movement and therefore this becomes the perfect aerobic exercise for your arms, abs, thighs and buttocks. However, you have to get some professional training of using rowing machines, as wrong use can lead to back strain or a muscle pull, ouch.

3). Spin Exercise Bicycles

Cycling is perfect for shaping the lower half of your body, while also strengthening your abs. You can buy stationary bikes, which are perfect for overweight people. But they are a non-impact cardiovascular workout as the main area of target is the leg and buttocks. There are many kinds of spin exercise bicycles; however, you should always purchase the one that suits your body type. Sit on the bike and give it a try before you purchase, because if the bike is not suitable to your body type, you will end up with severe body strain.

4). Elliptical Trainers

A mix of jogging, hopping, and cycling, elliptical trainers is another type of exercise machines that let you have an enjoyable workout. It has two pedals on which you have to stand and create a horizontally oval movement. It’s easy to adjust the intensity of movement and it turns out to be a very effective exercise, provided you posses the right model. Before you start working out on it, be sure to have someone help to get adjusted with the movement as it can be a little difficult initially.

5). Jump Rope

Sometimes simple is better, and simplest is the best. Though not really complex, the jump rope is one small weight loss equipment that you would not want to miss out on. Should you go on a trip, this is one equipment that you can carry along and enjoy a good exercise time anywhere (unless it is a business trip and you are inside an office). Rope skipping is one of the best cardio exercises that you can get. It helps shaping and toning the arms as well as the calves. However, rope jumping should not be done excessively in a continuous mode. Because it makes your heart go mad (just like the love), it should be done with breaks in between (can’t say the same about loving though). Do around a 100 jumps, stop, spot, jog, and then do a 100 more. Never attempt to do continuous jumping.

There you go! The perfect set of equipments for your home gym. Bit of an investment some are, but it’s a beneficial investment in longer term, that will keep you happy, active and smart!

Natasha writes for Lean Cuisine diet blog that offers invaluable lean cuisine diet tips and lean cuisine weight loss plans.

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