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3 Lower Abs Exercises for a Washboard Stomach

Posted Jul 26 2009 12:53am

Fat hanging around the belly can really disrupt that sleek and chic look you are aiming to achieve, so lower abs exercises are essential. A flat stomach can really bring out the fitting of the dress on you, making you look absolutely dazzling. But the problem with lower abs is that it’s an arduous job to work off the fat stored in that area. You've got to make use of the right muscles so that the work out does not prove to be futile.

Here are 3 of the most effective abdominal exercises in which you are not required to lay down on your back or curl your shoulder blades off the ground. In fact these three exercises are free from all that annoying routine of sit-ups that are super exhausting and not that effective.

These 3 abs exercises can be carried out in a circuit fashion for an outstanding abdominal exercise that will assist in burning belly fat exclusive of forcing any stress on your lower back.

3 Best Lower Abs Exercises

1. Ab wheel:

lower abs exercises The first exercise is termed as the “ab wheel”. To start, you are required to put your knees on the ground and place your body in the upright position. Compress, with your back straight, while compressing your abs and then go back to the starting position. Repeat this around 20 times.

2. Stability ball jackknives:

The second exercise for the lower abs is termed as “stability ball jackknives”. There are various types of variations of this work out; such as, resting your elbows on a bench with your feet on a stability ball, keeping your body in a diagonal position. Strut your abs and push your knees into your chest and then pull out.

For a tougher work out and better results, you can try the one-leg stability ball jackknives. This way when one leg is pushed in, the other one kick out and vice versa. Another variation to this exercise can be adding a bit of rotation to the stability ball jackknives. This will require transporting your knees to one side and then to the other.

With your hands pressed against the ground, there can be another variation to execute stability ball jackknives, with an extra push up incorporated for good results.

3. Cross body mountain climber:

The cross body mountain climber is the final exercise for this circuit. Rather than what you do with the regular mountain climber work out where you bring your knees to your chest, the twist to add to help work the lower abs muscles will be that with the revolving you are going to convey your knee to the converse elbow. The integration of the rotation element basically allows for better and effective lower ab work out.

With these three abs exercises that are aimed at actually making you work off the belly fat, you are bound to see those absolutely amazing results in no time with the emergence of the flat abs.

What are your favorite lower abs exercises?

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