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3 Essential Motivational Strategies To Guarantee You Achieve Your Fat Loss Goal

Posted Apr 09 2011 8:52am

The feeling of setting a big and powerful goal to lose body fat, build muscle or any other goal for that matter is pure utopia.

You feel the rush of excitement flowing through your veins like some sort of illicit drug, you feel unstoppable and start to think about what it will be like when you do reach your goal – the feelings, the adoration from people, the attention, the benefits.

After the initial excitement dampens down and reality sets in – you realize you need a plan.

"Okay", you admit "I will create a plan". So you purchase a weight loss program, buy some DVDs or decide to make up your own. The options are endless but you know you need something to get started with.

The first few times you workout you enjoy it, put in the intensity and love it.

After those first few times though it starts getting a bit colder in the mornings, work gets a bit harder, your body aches and cries out for a massage, you start to crave for chocolate bars and donuts.

What happens to the excitement and wild enthusiasm that was there at the start?

1. Create Goals That Turn Your Blood Into Pure Adrenaline

Your goal itself should be a powerful motivator, if you have a goal to lose 10lb, that is a great start, but by having a goal that also extends beyond that and to one day have a body like Bruce Lee or Kim Kardashian – now that is a goal that will keep you motivated.

What I like to do (and have for some time) is to have posters of a guy who is a freakin bad ass and who have a great body, my role models have been Tony Jaa from the best martial arts films in some time, The Protector & Ong Bak, plus Bruce Lee & Brad Pitt (especially in Fight Club.

Create a goal that is bigger than wanting to lose 10lb if you are 100lb over weight. Instead of saying things like "Well, I'll never be a really skinny girl or guy, I am just bigger boned and have a larger body than other skinnier guys/gals.


Sure you may never be a supermodel, but you can always look like one.

Everybody has the potential to look better than they currently do, and for most of us, a LOT better.

Create those big goals, but have small milestones such as losing 10lb as a stepping stone to the big goal.

2. Feel Like A Complete Jackass If You Don't Achieve It

Nobody likes to feel like an idiot, yet so many times we hear people talkin' turkey about how they are going to shift to the beach, find a new job, start working out, save for a house, quit smoking… Whatever. Talk is cheap.

If you have someone who you respect and would hate to let down (such as an annoyingly persistent friend), they will help to hold you accountable to your goal as often as you like.

We all know that we go through certain periods of motivation, and sometimes extremely low levels of motivation, the urban acronym for this feeling is CBF. To combat this you are going to be accountable to this annoying person whoever it may be such as a mentor, friend, work mate, gym buddy, or somebody who is also wanting an annoying person to help them achieve their goals.

Meet up at some stage every week to discuss what key milestones you have achieved.

This leads to the last step,

3. Ink It

If you wrote down all of the time in a day into 15 minute slots and spent 5 seconds every 15 minutes to write what you did in that time, you would be blown away how much time you just waste doing idle things such as Facebook stalking, surfing the web, Stumbling, youTubing, talking to people you don't really like, doing non-essential housework and errands and other time thieves.

By purchasing a diary and making good use of it, you can at least put down what you did toward your goal for the day, even something as simple as going for a 20 minute walk and not drinking any soda is something to be proud of at the start. As time goes on things like soda will conjure up images of decaying teeth, rotting mouth, bad breath, bums, smelly disgusting looking people and you will not even think twice before shaking up any soda you see and spraying it on the consumer.

By inking your progress you can slowly build up your efforts, because if you only walked for 20 minutes twice a week forever, how do you expect to have big muscles and scare elderly people when they discover you are not a statue of a Greek God and you are in fact merely human?

I hope if nothing else I have given you a couple of good ideas to help you toward your goal, because when it comes to losing body fat and getting in great shape – showing up and doing the work is 90% of it. It is all in your head, so you better make that head a good one that takes action.

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