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3 Best Back Exercises Revealed

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:12pm

Back Exercises

Back Exercises

Do you suffer from back pain? Or maybe you just want to improve your overall posture and stability. Performing back exercises can reduce your backaches and strengthen the muscles around the spine.

Also, it's important to strengthen your back muscles in order to reduce the risk of future injuries during workouts or everyday life. There are a few key exercises you should do during your workouts to help keep your body in tip-top shape!

3 Best Back Exercises

1. Lat Pull or Pull-ups

This exercise is done most easily on a machine at the gym, unless you are experienced with lifting your own body weight without support! It works your upper back, or lats. For pull ups, all you need is a bar to pull yourself up to, as long as your chin goes above the bar for each repetition. On the machine, you pull a bar down to your chest and release it back up for the same movement.

2. Rows

Rows are great because they work your rhomboids, middle trapezious and lats, which is like most of your back! Of course it depends which way you do them but there are a few simple ways that you will benefit the most. Bent over rows require dumbbells and a bench, and require you to bend over 45 degrees while you pull the dumbbell into your chest. Seated rows work well on a machine where you usually sit with your legs forward and knees bent and pull the handles into your lower chest or abdomen.

3. Dead Lifts

Everyone knows this is not for the beginner, but if you are serious about strengthening your back, dead lifts are probably the best overall back/core strengthening exercise out there. You can learn how to do these easily at a gym by asking a personal trainer or staff member to show you. Once you get good at these, they will definitely benefit your back and keep you injury and pain free! You can use a barbell or dumbbells for this exercise. Lift the bar from the ground with these key points: keep head up, back straight, and legs slightly bent. Don't over extend. Lower by slowly bending the knees and placing weight back on the floor.

These are 3 main back exercises that you should learn to keep your stability in perfect condition, as well as avoiding any future back pain or injury! Have fun and be safe!

Which is your favorite of all back exercises?

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