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2 yr old has red, swollen, inflammed, painful penis, causes? preventions?

Posted by PleaseHelp

2 year old son had hive like red blotches first beginning on face, next day also behind ears and lower back. Gave 2 doses of children's Benedryl throughout the day and it cleared up. Later that evening bumps had appeared on his private area. (not the pp itself though)

Gave him a good bath, dried him very well, allowed him to "breath" for a little while and then covered the area in corn starch before putting a diaper on him. Next morning he was still covered in the bumps, again none on legs or behind, and now the shaft parts of his pp was extremely inflammed, bright red, and swollen. Obviously is extremely painful!... What do I do? What is wrong? And how do I prevent it from happening again?

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