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10 Swine Flu Symptoms to Watch Out For

Posted May 20 2009 12:10pm

If you’ve got the flu even once in your life, you’ll know how annoying it can get… a running nose, headaches, fever, body aches and on and on.

Here’s a diagram that adequately illustrates the symptoms of normal influenza:

Flu Symptoms

Flu Symptoms

Now, the effect of this viral attack is not necessarily fatal except with young children, senior citizens, pregnant women and those with HIV. In other words, it can be deadly for those weak, old or ill leading to several complications, most of them with a distinct relation to respiratory illnesses.

The rest of us have to go through this one to two week ordeal in having to deal with the symptoms as illustrated above while having to nurse ourselves back to normal while staying in seclusion so that we don’t infect anyone else.

Swine Flu Symptoms

Now in the case of pigs, they also contract the flu while experiencing similar symptoms as humans do. And it’s normal as well. Here are diagrams that list swine flu symptoms:

Swine Flu Symptoms

Swine Flu Symptoms

Now that we’ve looked at the symptoms of the normal swine flu and human flu, let’s chronologically trace the origination of swine flu that first surfaced in April 2009 before we review the symptoms of this new strain of the flu virus that has caused so much concern.

For starters, let’s look at this video that was first released in April, 2009 discussing the discovery of swine flu that has its origins in Mexico:

My thoughts on this report are simple: Based on the situation in Mexico, it was valid for the health department to raise an alert among healthcare centers as they were expecting the same results in the U.S with people who could have contracted ‘swine flu’ at that time.

The health officials were concerned because of the impact it would have if it spread quickly since the illness was being transmitted from human-to-human especially as little was known about the illness itself, due to its unique nature i.e. the new strain that little is known about due to the lack of reliable data.

It’s only normal that the fear of the unknown is far scarier than what is known. As humans, we are well acquainted with this aspect in our lives all the time.

Now, until the first few patients were diagnosed in the U.S and the results weren’t as deadly as expected, it was fair that people were on the alert by taking necessary precautions to prevent themselves from getting the flu.

And why not, almost 36000 Americans die of normal flu-related causes every year despite having the appropriate medication and vaccination to help counter its effects. So, without the vaccination or medication for this new strain of flu, who wouldn’t feel intimidated as opposed to being just ‘concerned’?

On the other hand, if the ‘swine flu’ turned out to have disastrous results, I’m sure there would have been a hue and cry about how inefficient the government was in handling this health crisis as it were and so on and so forth. I tell you, all this fuss is good because in being prepared for anything you can be prepared for the worst. As the saying goes: Better safe than sorry!

Now, here is another video of an interview on CBS News with a couple in Cibolo, Texas who has caught ‘swine flu’, and in my opinion, the newscasters and the doctor have done a wonderful job of demystifying the intrigue around this disease:

In watching both videos, you would have noticed that the swine flu symptoms are similar to the normal flu, yet much remains to be known about its origin and its cure, and while the WHO has declared a ‘pandemic alert’ which could last for the next two years, it remains to be seen whether all this ‘hype’ that has been created will live up to its expectations or will it fizzle out like its predecessors?

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